For patient seeking natural hormone replacement therapy, Robinson Drug and Compounding Center can facilitate an in-depth one-on-one consultation with you to assess your medical and women's health issues. 

Dr. John Kim, Pharm.D. is our compounding pharmacist and board certified in anti-aging medicine and functional medicine.  Dr. Kim can evaluate and discuss all laboratory test results (ie. salivary hormone testing, blood test, nutritional evaluation report), current medical condition, and medication/nutritional supplements.  Initial consultation is one hour.

After the consultation, Dr. Kim will make customized treatment plan options based on your individual needs. With your approval, your physician will be contacted to discuss history, medication, symptoms, and your customized treatment plan. Once your treatment plan in finalized with your physician, your compounded prescriptions will be prepared at our pharmacy and contact you once the order is finished.

Robinson Drug and Compounding Center will provide Universal Claim Form and Treatment Evaluation Reimbursement Forms.

To Start:  

Download and fill out all appropriate forms as completely as possible

Fax, Mail, or Drop off form to our pharmacy.
Call 973-543-2525 or email to set up an appointment with Dr. Kim.


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A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.
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